Natural Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

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The phrase Punarnava stands for body renewal. Latin name of Punarnava is ‘Boerhavia Diffusa’. It is also known as ‘Lal Punarnava’, ‘Beshakapore’ and ‘Spreading Hogweed’. In Ayurveda, Punarnava herb is maximum widely used in treatment of renal and urinary issues. Punarnava is outstanding anti inflammatory and diuretic. It’s miles used as a coronary heart tonic and kidney tonic.

It is located at some point of the India mainly in wet season. Punarnava is top notch anti-inflammatory and diuretic. It tastes bitter and smelly. The complete plant has clinical Weight Loss advantages mainly roots. In Ayurveda, Punarnava herb is maximum widely utilized in treatment of renal issues and urinary tract infections.

Punarnava Himalaya Herb is used to treat jaundice, trendy fever and obesity. It’s also used as anti-inflammatory and diuretic agent. It’s miles used as a coronary heart tonic and kidney tonic. The juice of Punarnava root is useful for the humans having night blindness.

Externally Punarnava is used to reduce the ache and swelling. It enables to eliminate mucous from bronchial tubes as a result it’s far powerful against asthma. The roots of the vegetation are beneficial to kill intestinal worms. One of the first-rate herbal natural treatment for respiration sicknesses. Latest studies have shown its effectiveness in fever like malaria, jaundice and constipation proceedings. Because of its high diuretic properties it’s miles very useful within the swelling recovery.


It’s miles advised to take one tablet two times a day earlier than food.

Note: advocated simplest at the age of 14 years and above. Since the product is in tablet shape, some youngsters underneath 14 years may also have trouble to swallow.


Boerhavia diffusa is an Ayurvedic herbal remedy used traditionally in remedy of renal and urinary problems.
Punarnava herb acts as kidney tonic because it has property of diuretic, allows to hold green kidney functioning.
Punarnava from Himalaya Herbals is a natural remedy to beautify lungs functioning and breathing health.
Himalaya Punarnava is an powerful natural remedy within the remedy of cough, anemia, constipation, paralysis, and worried weakness.
Punarnava Himalaya Ayurvedic product promotes mucous removal from bronchial tubes and therefore beneficial inside the remedy of allergies.
Punarnava herb is also helpful in reducing weight reduction and to get rid of weight problems issues.
It is also useful in enhancing urge for food, jaundice, and widespread fever.
Roots are utilized by the humans having night blindness.

Side effects:

Due to the fact, Himalaya Punarnava is herbal natural medicinal drug, No principal aspect outcomes had been said in medical journals.

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